Quality Assurance & Validation

Our Quality Assurance & Validation architects and engineers integrate custom cutting-edge solutions, across all aspects of software, FPGA, and embedded systems guaranteeing that each deliverable consistently meets the highest quality standards.

At HexoSys, we systematically combine both automated and manual to ensure thorough testing for your system. Special attention is paid to safeguarding your system across any potential issues and problems. With an iterative process, we focus on continuous improvements. Our unique skills and expertise are what keep us ahead of the overall competition in delivering efficient QA & validation services.

Our expertise spans various domains such as suites for production desktop applications, mobile and web applications, transport protocol compliancy and networking, BSP and device drivers, FPGA, prototyping boards, and so on.

QA & Validation Services

Independent Verification & Validation

By carrying out detailed and comprehensive IV&V, we make sure that the designated software systems operate and react across all instances and under all circumstances.

To ensure a seamless testing process, code is independently tested in certified environments, and validation is done to ensure that software specifications meet the requirements and validation to ensure that software meets all the required specifications.

Independent verification and validation services include:

  • Design requirements verification
  • Design and source code validation
  • Unit testing / white box testing
  • Hardware-software integration testing
  • System testing / black box testing

Test Automation Solutions

As a leading test automation solution provider, we lend services that suit your business agenda by reducing test cycle time and costs but preserving quality at the same time. We act as an accelerator of growth by shortening regression testing periods thereby speeding up the product release efficiently. We imply a standardized and consistent approach to automation keeping in mind the complexity of the system architecture and environment, external integrations, and so on.

Functional, Stress & Performance Testing

Across the project lifecycle, we detect how the system behaves under intense stress and workload to ensure it meets functional requirements and performs optimally.

Functional and performance testing services include:

  • Unit, integration, system, and UAT testing
  • Load, stress, scalability, and endurance testing

Test Documentation

We create, maintain, and manage comprehensive test documentation to ensure thorough coverage from planning to execution and traceability. Through this process, we aim to put together, a test strategy, test cases, test scripts, test reports, defect reports, traceability matrix, and release note. This ensures, clarity and consistency across the software life cycle.


We provide certification support where applicable, ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Development Process

Each step of the quality assurance & validation process is carefully executed so that your software is not just of quality but also standardized.

These steps have been outlined below: