Mobile & Web App Development

In a world where everything is in your fingerprints, HexoSys can help you and your business connect with others through comprehensive and well-performing mobile & web services. We aim to deliver mobile & web apps that are robust, user-friendly, and innovative thereby helping your business grow in the right direction.

We hold pride in boasting that we have a dedicated team of professionals who are experts in their fields and aim to bring in the best-in-class services for you.

We can provide you with full-cycle services ranging from prototyping, wireframing, mobile and web focused UI/UX, ushering the deployment process and providing continuous maintenance and support We design applications in a manner to suit your business goals and targets.

Mobile & Web App Services

Mobile Application Development

Begin your journey toward the creation of impactful mobile apps with our experts who offer services across strategy, design, development, and optimization. Our approach includes establishing a detailed framework for efficient project management, focusing on a well-performing mobile focused UI/UX, and choosing the right set of front-end and back-end technologies.

Mobile application development services include:

  • Consultation including analysis, feasibility studies, and feature prioritization
  • End-to-end apps tailored specifically for native and hybrid platforms like iOS or Android
  • Ongoing support and maintenance after the mobile app’s deployment
  • Security assessment and enhancement to protect user data

Web Application Development

Web application development services help create all-inclusive, multipurpose, and comprehensive web software that enables you to stand out in today’s competitive world. Our in-house team of experts is proficient in utilizing the front-end and back-end technology stacks that align with your business to make the websites cost-effective and user-friendly.

Web application development services include:

  • Web development consulting for boosting the competitive edge of your business
  • End-to-end and comprehensive web application development including custom web, WordPress development, and so on
  • Customizable workflow to ensure project scalability and flexibility
  • Database management and design system
  • API development and integration
  • Cloud computing management and architecture

Progressive Web Application Development

Through PWA’s we want to blur the line between web content and application to provide a seamless user experience. These are designed to be responsive and scalable.

PWA services include:

  • Custom PWA development to make your app render a native fee
  • Integrating your brand design through exquisite UI/UX.
  • Progressive and up-to-date plugin development
  • Migrating existing web app to a PWA
  • Continuous post-development support

Mobile & Web App Development Process

Our comprehensive mobile and web application development process involves several phases, keeping in mind the key elements of the development. The specific steps may vary depending on the project scope, technology stack, and team structure to suit your requirements.

Gathering requirements

Collaborating with stakeholders to gather detailed project requirements and expectations keeping in mind the project goals. At this stage, we also define functional and non-functional requirements for the application.

Planning and designing

Creating a project plan that outlines the feasibility guidelines and thereby calculating the time-cost of the project. This step also includes the technology stack, frameworks, and tools that will be used in the development phase.

Application Prototyping

Special and detailed attention is paid to wireframing, prototyping and design mock-ups. It is done to create a visual representation of the application, which can be used to demonstrate functionality and interactivity.

Designing an interactive and friendly user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) of the application make it look more appealing to the end customers.

Front-End Development

Developing and integrating the front-end side of the application using languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This is done keeping in mind the fact that we want to create a responsive layout for the application by implementing visual and interactive elements.

Back-End Development

Developing the server-side logic, business logic, and APIs using the chosen programming language and framework. This is done to undertake user authentication, authorization, and security measures.

Database Development

Putting databases such as MySQL, MS SQL, Redis, and PLSQL for data storage and retrieval based on client and application data requirements.


During testing, we integrate quality assurance into the development lifecycle. Various levels of tests are conducted which include unit testing, integration testing, performance, and user acceptance testing (UAT). This also includes identifying and fixing bugs, errors, and inconsistencies.


Deploying the application to a web server, cloud platform or any hosting service. This is done keeping in mind the security measures of the servers, tools, and overall environment. We use the appropriate tech stack for stable deployment and ensure the system functions reliably. Once deployed, the solution is ready for the market and available to consumers.

Maintenance and Updates

Standing next to you even after the launch and deployment by monitoring the application performance, security, and all other important parameters. To do this our team conducts regular updates, guides on operational procedures, and addresses emerging client requirements. We record feedback and tailor solutions accordingly. Finally, we hand over all project aspects to you, ensuring your system remains fully functional, reliable, and scalable.




Mobile Technologies

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Flutter
  • ReactJS


  • Aws
  • Firebase
  • Microsoft Azure


  • MySQL
  • MS SQL
  • Oracle
  • PostgreSQL