Embedded Software Development

Our dedicated embedded system engineering practice assists companies across diverse markets to go beyond the limits of hardware and software design. Our excellence covers bare-metal programming, real-time operating system (RTOS), embedded Linux, hardware abstraction layers, device drivers and efficient memory management for resource-constrained environments.

As an embedded system services team, we specialize in creating reliable custom firmware for microcontrollers and microprocessors. With extensive experience in various embedded operating systems, we facilitate innovation and advancement in technology.

Our services cover the entire firmware development lifecycle ensuring a comprehensive approach to your embedded software needs. The embedded system solutions offered comprise meticulous development, seamless integration, and comprehensive support to deliver robust solutions tailored to evolving requirements.

Embedded Software Services

Board Support Package (BSP) Development

Our team excels in crafting comprehensive Linux Board Support Packages, meticulously tending to all foundational facets of the Linux system for embedded products. This empowers our clients to concentrate on their distinct applications, the true essence of their product's value. Our expertise encompasses bootloader and Linux kernel porting, tailored device driver development, seamless system integration, boot time refinement and in-field system upgrades, alongside dedicated support for application developers.

Firmware Development

In our firmware development domain, we offer a comprehensive suite of services for embedded systems, specializing in firmware for multi-protocol and System-on-Chip (SoC) devices. With extensive experience, we excel in hardware collaboration, operating system integration, and utilization of diagnostic tools.

Firmware Development services include:

  • RTOS-based development
  • Non-OS (bare- Metal) based embedded firmware
  • Power optimization services
  • HAL (hardware abstraction layer)
  • Testing and debugging services.
  • Migration of legacy firmware to new platforms

Peripheral & Interface Development

We create software for seamless communication between embedded systems and external devices. Our focus includes crafting drivers and protocols for interfaces and ensuring efficient data transfer and control for interfacing with sensors, displays, and actuators.

Peripheral & Interface Development services include:

  • Wireless communication protocols like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Zigbee, etc
  • Wireline communication protocols like USB, Ethernet, PCIe
  • Peripheral control such as GPIO, timers, UART, SPI, I2C, LCD, flash memory, CAN, etc
  • Custom communication protocols

Embedded Software Development Process

BSP Initialization and Configuration

  • Initialize and configure the hardware platform to establish basic functionality.
  • Set up clock sources, memory controllers, peripheral interfaces, and interrupt handling mechanisms.
  • Develop low-level drivers to control hardware components and manage system resources.

Bootloader Development

  • Implement a bootloader program to initialize the hardware and load the operating system kernel into memory.
  • Choose a suitable bootloader solution (e.g., U-Boot, Das U-Boot) and customize it to support the target hardware platform.
  • Configure bootloader parameters such as boot device selection, kernel image format, and boot arguments.

Linux Kernel Porting and Configuration

  • Adapt the Linux kernel source code to support the specific hardware platform and peripherals.
  • Enable device drivers, subsystems, and features required by the embedded system.
  • Customize kernel configuration settings to optimize performance, minimize memory footprint, and enhance system stability.

Device Driver Development:

  • Write custom device drivers to interface with hardware peripherals and external devices.
  • Implement driver functionality for GPIO controllers, serial ports, I2C/SPI/PCIe buses, USB interfaces (Host/Device), display controllers, networking components, and other hardware modules.
  • Verify driver functionality through unit testing, integration testing, and hardware validation.

System Integration and Testing

  • Integrate the BSP components, including the bootloader, kernel, device drivers, and user-space utilities.
  • Conduct system-level testing to verify hardware functionality, software compatibility, and overall system performance.
  • Validate key system features such as boot sequence, peripheral operation, power management, and network connectivity.

Performance Optimization and Debugging

  • Profile system performance to identify bottlenecks, latency issues, and resource constraints.
  • Fine-tune kernel parameters, scheduler policies, memory allocation strategies, and I/O optimizations.
  • Use debugging tools (e.g., printk, kernel debuggers, JTAG probes, logic analyzer and oscilloscope) to troubleshoot hardware/firmware issues and address runtime errors.

Documentation and Release

  • Document BSP design decisions, configuration settings, and firmware dependencies.
  • Create user manuals, release notes, technical documentation, and system level APIs for developers.
  • Prepare the BSP package for release, including source code archives, build scripts, configuration files, and installation instructions.

Maintenance and Upgrades

  • Provide ongoing support and maintenance for the BSP, addressing bug fixes, security vulnerabilities, compatibility issues and porting configurations and drivers to the new version of the kernel.
  • Monitor upstream kernel updates, driver enhancements, and software patches to incorporate into future releases.
  • Engage with the open-source community, forums, and mailing lists to exchange knowledge, share best practices, and contribute back to the ecosystem.

Embedded Software Development Platforms

  • ARM Cortex-M/A/R Families
  • SOC/SOM: Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC, Xilinx Zynq-7000, K26
  • Soft-core processors: Nios II, MicroBlaze
  • ESP8266 and ESP32
  • STMicroelectronics STM32 Series

Embedded Operating System

  • FreeRTOS
  • ThreadX
  • Linux Embedded