Software Developer
What you need for this position:
  • Minimum BS in Computer Software Engineering [or related fields] with outstanding hands on developing software with Object Oriented techniques
  • Experience in Object-Oriented design/implementation
  • Experience in C++ programming
  • Having knowledge of common used platforms in C++ like MFC/Qt
  • Familiar with COM/Automation technologies
  • Having at least 2 years experience in software development
  • Outstanding communication skills and strong problem solving abilities
What you'll be doing:
  • Design and develop application with Object-Oriented techniques
  • Programming with C++ language using MFC/Qt platforms
  • Developing components and APIs
  • Invent, document and detail analysis of new product features
  • Doing unit test and integration tests
Hardware Design Engineer
What you need for this position:
  • BSEE/BSCE (Masters preferred) & outstanding hands on FPGA design and development experience on either Altera or Xilinx
  • Expert experience with Verilog (or possibly VHDL) RTL design and high-speed digital design methodologies.
  • FPGA Code development / design experience with either Xilinx ISE Foundation or Altera Quartus II
  • FPGA Verification & Debug experience using ModelSim, (Perl, Python).
  • Experience in floorplanning, synthesis, and placement & routing; Xilinx and Altera is ideal
  • Experience with writing BFM, monitors (PCI/PCIe, USB, and DDR2/3) and test benches.
  • Extensive packet processing experience as well as full-chip verification
  • Familiar with board design and Orcad/Allegro.
  • Outstanding communication skills and strong problem solving abilities.
What you'll be doing:
  • Design and Verification of FPGAs with Verilog/VHDL
  • Optimizing FPGA code to minimize resources / maximize clock speed.
  • Verification of FPGAs using ModelSim, etc.
  • Debug FPGA issues on the hardware platform
  • Invent, document, and implement micro-architecture and design details for new-product features.
  • Physical implementation in FPGA targets for emulation; timing closure, debug
QA / Validation Engineer
What you need for this position:
  • Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering (EE), Computer Science (CS) or computer Engineering – a must
  • Master degree (MS) in EE is a plus
  • Minimum of 2-3 years of experience in system test environment. Fresh graduates can apply for the position.
  • Hands-on experience writing test scripts, testing software and logic functions at system level
  • Understanding of manufacturing processes and experience in performing system tests under tight schedules
  • Understanding of system test methods, processes and out-of-box thinking concepts
  • Open minded, quick learner, able to solve problems in a complex system
  • Team Player, good interpersonal, organizational and communication skills
  • Knowledge of the following protocols: SAS, SATA, Bluetooth, InfiniBand, Fibre Channel, USB, UWB and WUSB is preferred
  • Knowledge of network communication protocols is preferred
  • Experience with bug tracking database(s) and overall software release process is preferred
What you'll be doing:
  • Design Test matrices and plans for products being developed
  • Execute test according to test matrices and report/track defects
  • Write test programs for full product testing as well as drive quality improvement plans
  • Execute stress and load testing for various applications plus functional, business scenario, ad-hoc, and automated testing.
  • Work closely with project members from the cross-functional team as situation demands.
  • Take part in team continuous improvement activities that include problem finding, solution suggesting, and solution implementation